Annual Campaign 2018

Annual Campaign 2018

About This Campaign

LIFEDesigns provides supports and services to people with disabilities to live their lives independently.

We believe...
- EVERYONE deserves a home, job amongst their peers, and access to the community they live in.
- EVERYONE has Abilities and deserves the opportunity to use their abilities in a valued social role.
- EVERYONE deserves friends and the opportunity to live in a diverse and welcoming community.

These are the areas we focus our energy: Jobs, Homes, Networks of Natural Supports. We provide Community Living Services (in home supports), Supported Employment (helping people find and keep jobs), Community Education (developing and improving life skills and employment skills), Support Services and Assistive Technology, and we are an Affordable Housing Developer and Provider.

LIFEDesigns is reimbursed for only an average of 80% of all services provided. In order to continue supporting our customers and providing them with the opportunities they need to achieve their employment goals, we must fundraise the remaining 20% to cover the true cost of our services.

It will take whole communities to accomplish our vision. If you believe in the same things we believe in, we hope you will help us achieve our goals by donating or volunteering with us. Thank you!
LIFEDesigns, Inc.

Campaign to Support LIFEDesigns, Inc.

LIFEDesigns  believes that everyone should be included in their community and everyone has talents and abilities. We exist to provide the support and opportunities that people with disabilities need to achieve their goals. This is reflected in everything we do, from our in home support services, community education, supported employment, to Housing by LIFEDesigns.

Our organization was founded in 1982 by a group of parents who had children with disabilities. They believed that everyone deserved to live a life of purpose, and  there should be a better life for their children than living in an institution. Our values remain focused on community and inclusion. We choose to see the positive attributes that everyone possesses and  define people by their abilities rather than the challenges we all face. We strive to support our customers to find valued social roles, which connects them with their highest purpose—using their strengths for something greater than themselves.

LIFEDesigns along with the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Department and many other partners, built the Accessible Playscape at Karst Farm Park in Bloomington, Indiana. This is a truly unique project in the area, featuring a wheelchair accessible playground with a splash pad, and ramps that lead up to slides. LIFEDesigns is also a housing developer, and has built several projects focusing on Affordable Housing that is both accessible and stylish. Crawford Apartments is permanent supportive housing, a truly unique development providing permanent homes for people who are chronically homeless and have a disability.  Crawford Apartments was recognized with an award from the Lt. Governor of Indiana in 2014 for Community and Economic Development.


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    Jamie Darin Prenkert gave a $500 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Grant Prenkert
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